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  • July 27, 2023
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The electro-magnetic flow meter MAG-C has been engineered for measuring the flow and the volume of any liquid that is electrically conducted.

Those flow meters do not have any mechanical moving component, and therefore the liquid do not have any obstacle during its flowing, thus avoiding any potential damage caused by solids contained in the liquid.

The internal part of the measuring pipe is electrically insulated and therefore the liquid to be measured does not have any possibility to be in contact with the material by which the pipe and the flanges are made of.

This allows the possibility of measuring any type of liquid compatible with the internal cladding. The MAG-C meters enjoy a very low pressure of loss and the possibility of mounting in any position.

They are suitable for every sector of the chemical, paper, food industries and water works. Remote reading available through GSM/GPRS interface.

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